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We are more family than friends with a long history of working with each other.
We met in 2005 as local stock car drivers. A couple of years in, we formed a team
with several friends. Anyone who knows race cars knows it involves lots of hours
and the ability to solve problems quickly all while somehow remaining friends.
- How does that compute to brewing? -

Well brewing is long hours with lots of
problem solving while still remaining friends and having a good time.

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Our Story

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Dody always had a passion for craft beer and homebrewing. I, on the other hand,
was a little behind the curve. When Dody started homebrewing I was a little
skeptical of the results of beer fermented in a jug in the tub.

Who does that? Lo and behold, it was good beer! It wasn’t long

after thatmy interest peaked and started assisting

in Dody’s mad science.

Well that’s pretty much all it took.

The next thing you know we had a brewery set up in my basement

and we were brewing every week.

What had started as a hobby, to fill in for racing, had now

become a passion.

The mechanics of brewing seemed to come natural to us and

with the help of local brew shops and

lots and lots of reading and research we managed to hone our skills.

Eventually we entered and

won several homebrewing awards

throughout the United States including competitions in
Denver, Chicago and Las Vegas against some of the nations best.

While on vacation with our wives in early 2020 (before the pandemic)

we were sitting in a brewery in New Zealand of all places and commented on how cool it
would be to open our own brewery. Our wives agreed that would be nice but we
did tend to be big talkers especially after a couple cold ones. Just another

McHopper idea

(McMordie/Hopper in case you didn’t know)

 As the days went on with several miles of driving we went further down the rabbit hole and by the time we got home had planted the seed. July of that year we were on a plane to
Illinois to pick up our brew house.
We are often asked
“Why Fernley?”.

The simple answer, is that, it is our home.
Fernley has a lot of great people and not many places to hang out for a population over 20,000.

We wanted to create a place with not only great beer, but a place of gathering. This is why you will not find gambling machines and overpowering audio.

You will find a bright comfortable setting where you can easily converse with those around you. We will always greet you like a friend and are more than happy to lend our expertise in choosing a brew that’s a fit for you!

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