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McHoppers will offer 6 flagship beers representing the most popular and classic styles of beer. These are our large run beers that are always available on tap.

Sum-Where Blonde Ale

An award winning, mild blonde ale that has a toasted, bready, and slightly piney flavor. It is a smooth easy drinking beer intended to bring on memories of warm summer nights. One sip leaves you wanting more. The idea for this beer is a good introduction for the lager drinker to craft beer.

Dark-ND Black IPA

An IPA that is a little different than most people would expect. This beer has the color and froth of rich dark beer. The full aroma is pure citrus from the hops. At first the flavor is mildly roasted, yet as it passes the palate,
it produces a clean dry flavor that allows the citrus and mellow bitterness to stand up .

This beer is for the classic IPA enthusiast, but with a McHopper Brew Co.

Even though this is at the top end of cost to make, it is a

totally unique
“must have '' to showcase our difference.

Rye-Laxing Wheat

A Classic American Wheat beer that is creamy, caramel, malty
sweetness along with a subtle hop flavor and a clean finish.

Designed to be a nice
mellow beer with good mouthfeel. Rye-laxing is one of our oldest recipes and is
always a favorite among our test groups. The simplicity of its ingredients makes
this beer a very cost effective and profitable beer.

Recently silver medaled in the
Nevada state homebrew championship.

Ooh Hazy

Our west coast hazy is an IPA with intense fruit flavor. This citrus
forward pale ale is light on the bitterness but strong haze and hop.

A favorite
choice for those ready for a refreshing IPA

Chocolate Milf Stout

Our Chocolate Stout is a traditional Sweet Stout that is dark, rich, and very malt forward. The chocolate addition lends a light sweetness
for a balanced roasted aroma and flavor. This beer drinks well on its own but is
just as enjoyable as a desert beer after a hardy meal.

Jäk - Kolsch

This is a brilliant clear, pale ale beer with a delicate balance of malt fruit and hop character.

This sudo lager is perfect for those domestic drinkers.

It’s a light introduction to the world of craft brewing.

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Questions about our beer? The process? Anything else? 

Give us a holler! We will get back to you ASAP!

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